VT-BDN: Blue Dart Aviation Boeing B757-200

First Flight: Jul 1992 (27 years ago)

Airline: Blue Dart Aviation (BZ/BDA)

Blue Dart Aviation is a cargo airline based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It operates with its main base as Chennai International Airport and services 7 Indian metro cities. German courier company Deutsche Post owns a 70% stake in the airline through its subsidiary Blue Dart Express. It provides service in 220 plus countries and territories all over the world through their parent company's parcel service DHL.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   India
Identifier: BZ/BDA
Callsign: BLUE DART
Founded: 1995
Website: http://bluedartaviation.com
Source: Wikipedia

Recent Flights

Tue, 27. Mar 2018
Landed 9W821 JAI821 Jet Airways 9W / JAI
Delhi (DEL) Chennai (MAA)
 VT-BDN B757-200 1,762km (1,094mi.)
06:50 IST
01:20 UTC
09:45 IST
04:15 UTC
2h 55m
06:56 IST
01:26 UTC
+6 min
09:20 IST
03:50 UTC
-24 min
2h 24m
Fri, 08. Dec 2017
21:50 IST
16:20 UTC
23:30 IST
18:00 UTC
1h 40m
23:13 IST
17:43 UTC
+83 min
00:19 IST
18:49 UTC
+49 min
1h 6m