N788DP: Flybe Nordic Boeing B737-700

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Airline: Flybe Nordic ( /FCM)

Nordic Regional Airlines Oy is a Finnish regional airline based on the grounds of Helsinki Airport. Norra is owned as a joint venture by Finnair, Finland's flag carrier, and Danish Air Transport.[4]
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Finland
Identifier:  /FCM
Callsign: FINNCOMM
Alliance: oneworld(affiliate)
Frequent-Flyer Program: Finnair Plus
Founded: 2011
Started Operations: May 2015
Website: http://flynorra.com/?lang=en
Source: Wikipedia

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Fri, 22. Mar
Landed N788DP N788DP Private owner
Boston (BOS) Prestwick (PIK)
 N788DP B737-700 4,866km (3,022mi.)
22:45 EDT
02:45 UTC
08:39 EDT
08:39 UTC
5h 54m
23:08 EDT
03:08 UTC
+23 min
08:36 GMT
08:36 UTC
-2 min
5h 51m
Diverted N788DP N788DP Private owner
White Plains (HPN) Prestwick (PIK)
 N788DP B737-700 5,129km (3,186mi.)
17:00 EDT
21:00 UTC
02:50 EDT
02:50 UTC
5h 50m
Actual (estimated values):
18:52 EDT
22:52 UTC
+112 min
02:50 GMT
02:50 UTC
5h 50m