D-AGPH: Avanti Air Fokker 100

Plane Information

Status: Active
Model:  F28-0100 (F100)
First Flight: Jul 1990 (29 years ago)
Seat Configuration:

100 seats
100 Economy

Last Flight

Landed   AF1862 (Air France)
 Paris (ORY)
 Tarbes (LDE)
3 months ago

About Avanti Air ( /ATV)

About Avanti Air

Avanti Air

Avanti Air GmbH & Co. KG, styled as avantiair, is a small German airline based in Burbach with a maintenance base at Siegerland Airport, operating ad hoc charter and aircraft wet-lease services.
Source: Wikipedia

Airline Statistics

Country:   Germany
Identifier:  /ATV
Callsign: AVANTI AIR
Founded: 1994
Website: http://www.avantiair.com/
Source: Wikipedia


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