Kish Air Y96079 from Tehran to Tbilisi

Airline: Kish Air
From: Tehran (IKA / OIIE)
To: Tbilisi (TBS / UGTB)
Frequency: Daily
Days:  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
Distance: 880 km (543 mi.)
Duration: 1h 0m
Avg 534km/h (330mph)
Plane Type: McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 Family
On time: 64% of flights
Average Delay: 34 minutes
Last Flight
Date: 17. Nov 2018
Status: Landed
From: Tehran (IKA / OIIE)
16:30 UTC+0330
17. Nov 13:00 UTC
To: Tbilisi (TBS / UGTB)
18:35 UTC+04
17. Nov 14:35 UTC
Departed: 16:34 UTC+0330
4 min delayed
Arrival: 18:27 UTC+04
8 min early
Plane: EP-LCO McDonnell-Douglas MD-83
Aircraft Picture
Image Copyright © Paul Denton

Airport Information

Departure Airport
Name: Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
Identifier:  IKA/OIIE
Serves:  Tehran metropolitan area
Local Time:  21. Sep 22:11 UTC+0430
Arrival Airport
Name: Tbilisi International Airport
Identifier:  TBS/UGTB
Serves:  Tbilisi
Local Time:  21. Sep 21:41 UTC+04

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