Kam Air RQ944 from Mazar-I-Sharif to Kabul


RQ944 is a Kam Air flight from Mazar-I-Sharif to Kabul . The flight is operated on a daily basis using mixed Aircraft Types .

Airline: Kam Air
From: Mazar-I-Sharif (MZR / OAMS)
To: Kabul (KBL / OAKB)
Frequency: Daily
Days:  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
Distance: 299 km (184 mi.)
Duration: 1h 0m
Avg 299km/h (184mph)
Plane Type: Mixed (A340-300 , B737-500 , B767-200)
On time: 88% of flights
Average Delay: 17 minutes
Last Flight
Date: 27. Oct 2017
Status: Landed
From: Mazar-I-Sharif (MZR / OAMS)
06:30 UTC+0430
27. Oct 02:00 UTC
To: Kabul (KBL / OAKB)
07:30 UTC+0430
27. Oct 03:00 UTC
Departed: 07:22 UTC+0430
+52 min
Arrival: 07:58 UTC+0430
+28 min
Plane: YA-KMT Airbus A340-300
18 Business 309 Economy

Airport Information

Departure Airport
Name: Mazar-I-Sharif International Airport
Identifier:  MZR/OAMS
Serves:  Northern Afghanistan
Local Time:  20. Sep 23:23 UTC+0430
Arrival Airport
Name: Kabul International Airport
Identifier:  KBL/OAKB
Serves:  Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Local Time:  20. Sep 23:23 UTC+0430

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