Kam Air RQ2281 from Jeddah (JED / OEJN) to Kabul (KBL / OAKB)

Airline:   Kam Air
From:   Jeddah (JED / OEJN)
To:   Kabul (KBL / OAKB)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Distance: 3263 km (2015 mi.)
Duration: 4h 2m
Avg 757km/h (467mph)
Plane: Airbus A340-300
past month
No delays observed
Last Flight
Status: Landed
 Departed: 09:09 UTC+03
2 weeks ago
 Scheduled: 09:09 UTC+03
05. Aug 06:09 UTC
 Arrived: 14:57 UTC+0430
2 weeks ago
Plane: YA-KMH Airbus A340-300

Airport Information

Departure Airport
Name: Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport
Identifier:  JED/OEJN
Serves:  Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Local Time:  25. Aug 16:12 UTC+03
Arrival Airport
Name: Kabul International Airport
Identifier:  KBL/OAKB
Serves:  Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Local Time:  25. Aug 17:42 UTC+0430
Flight Calendar

Recent Flights

Date / Status From To Plane Scheduled
Departure Arrival Duration
Mon, 05. Aug
Flight: RQ2281 KMF2281
  Kam Air (RQ / KMF)
From:   Jeddah (JED / OEJN) To:   Kabul (KBL / OAKB) YA-KMH
Airbus A340-313 (A343)
09:09 UTC+03 Departure: 09:09 UTC+03
Arrival: 14:57 UTC+0430
4h 18m