Avianca Brasil O66227 from Salvador (SSA) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG)


Flight O66227 is a Avianca Brasil flight from Salvador, Brazil to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  .

Avianca Brasil offers a daily service on this route. The most recent flight was scheduled to take off 2 months ago.

The flight route has a distance of 1,219km (757mi) and an average flight time of 2h 25m , resulting in an average speed of 504km/h (313mph).

Airline:   Avianca Brasil
From:   Salvador (SSA)
To:   Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
Frequency: Daily
Days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Distance: 1,219km (757mi)
Duration: 2h 25m
Avg 504km/h (313mph)
Plane: Mixed )
past month
No delays observed
Last Flight
Status: Planned
 Scheduled: 19:15 -03
22. Jun 22:15 UTC
2 months ago
 Scheduled: 21:40 -03
23. Jun 00:40 UTC
2 months ago
Route: 1,219km (757mi.)
2h 25m