Thomas Cook Airlines MT4501 from Manchester to Montreal


MT4501 is a Thomas Cook Airlines flight from Manchester to Montreal .

Airline: Thomas Cook Airlines
From: Manchester (MAN / EGCC)
To: Montreal (YUL / CYUL)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Distance: 5028 km (3105 mi.)
Duration: 7h 0m
Avg 683km/h (422mph)
Plane Type: Airbus A321
On time: 100%
Last Flight
Date: 01. Nov 2018
Status: Landed
From: Manchester (MAN / EGCC)
11:26 GMT
01. Nov 11:26 UTC
To: Montreal (YUL / CYUL)
14:47 EDT
01. Nov 18:47 UTC
Departed: 11:26 GMT
on time
Arrival: 14:47 EDT
on time
Plane: G-TCDO Airbus A321
220 Economy
Aircraft Picture
Image Copyright © Björn Düwel

Airport Information

Departure Airport
Name: Manchester Airport
Identifier:  MAN/EGCC
Serves:  Greater Manchester and North West England
Local Time:  16. Sep 03:01 BST
Arrival Airport
Name: Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport
Identifier:  YUL/CYUL
Serves:  Greater Montreal
Local Time:  15. Sep 22:01 EDT

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