Jet Airways 9W17 from Singapore (SIN) to Delhi (DEL)

Airline:   Jet Airways
From:   Singapore (SIN)
To:   Delhi (DEL)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Distance: 4,162km (2,585mi)
Duration: 6h 10m
Avg 674km/h (419mph)
Plane: Mixed (B737-800 , A330-200 , A330-300)
past month
5% of flights
43 min average
Last Flight
Status: Cancelled
 Scheduled: 19:40 +08
21. Apr 11:40 UTC
2 months ago
 Scheduled: 23:10 IST
21. Apr 17:40 UTC
2 months ago
Route: 4,164km (2,586mi.)
6h 0m