Federal Express (FedEx) FX9026 from Cologne (CGN) to Liege (LGG)


Flight FX9026 is a Federal Express (FedEx) flight from Cologne, Germany to Liege, Belgium  .

Federal Express (FedEx) offers an irregular or new service on the route. The most recent flight has landed 1 month ago.

The flight route has a distance of 122km (76mi) and an average flight time of 0h 20m , resulting in an average speed of 360km/h (224mph).

Airline:   Federal Express (FedEx)
From:   Cologne (CGN)
To:   Liege (LGG)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Distance: 122km (76mi)
Duration: 0h 20m
Avg 360km/h (224mph)
Plane: Boeing B777-200LR
past month
No delays observed
Last Flight
Status: Landed
 Actual: 08:39 CEST
on time

07. Jun 06:39 UTC
1 month ago
 Scheduled: 08:39 CEST
07. Jun 06:39 UTC
1 month ago
 Actual: 07. Jun 08:59 local
 Scheduled: 08:59 CEST
07. Jun 06:59 UTC
1 month ago
Route: 122km (76mi.)
0h 20m
Plane: N854FD Boeing B777-200LR
Fri, 07. Jun
08:39 CEST
06:39 UTC
08:59 CEST
06:59 UTC
0h 20m
Actual (estimated values):
08:39 CEST
06:39 UTC
09:00 CEST
07:00 UTC
0h 21m
08:39 CEST
06:39 UTC
01:00 CET
00:00 UTC
-433302h -39m
08:39 CEST
06:39 UTC
08:58 CEST
06:58 UTC
+25998178 min
0h 19m