Alanna EO5554 from Tivat to Kyiv


EO5554 is a Alanna flight from Tivat to Kyiv .

Airline: Alanna
From: Tivat (TIV / LYTV)
To: Kyiv (KBP / UKBB)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Distance: 1283 km (792 mi.)
Duration: 1h 0m
Avg 674km/h (416mph)
Plane Type: Mixed (B737-300 , B737-500)
On time: 100%
Last Flight
Date: 16. Jun 2018
Status: Diverted
18:36 CEST
16. Jun 16:36 UTC
 Departed: 18:36 CEST
1 year ago

on time
Plane: UR-CPJ Boeing B737-500
126 Economy

Airport Information

Departure Airport
Name: Tivat Airport
Identifier:  TIV/LYTV
Serves:  Tivat
Local Time:  15. Sep 16:54 CEST
Arrival Airport
Name: Kyiv (Kiev) Boryspil International Airport
Identifier:  KBP/UKBB
Serves:  Kyiv , Ukraine
Local Time:  15. Sep 17:54 EEST

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