China Southern Airlines CZ8378 from Male (MLE) to Guangzhou (CAN)


Flight CZ8378 is a China Southern Airlines flight from Male, Maldives to Guangzhou, China  .

China Southern Airlines offers an irregular or new service on the route. The most recent flight has landed 5 months ago.

The flight route has a distance of 4,775km (2,966mi) and an average flight time of 6h 19m , resulting in an average speed of 753km/h (468mph).

Airline:   China Southern Airlines
From:   Male (MLE)
To:   Guangzhou (CAN)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Distance: 4,775km (2,966mi)
Duration: 6h 19m
Avg 753km/h (468mph)
Plane: Airbus A330 Family
past month
8% of flights
57 min average
Last Flight
Status: Landed
 Actual: 23:39 +05
9 min delayed

16. Feb 18:39 UTC
5 months ago
 Scheduled: 23:30 +05
16. Feb 18:30 UTC
5 months ago
 Actual: 17. Feb 08:13 local
36 min early
 Scheduled: 08:50 CST
17. Feb 00:50 UTC
5 months ago
Route: 4,775km (2,965mi.)
6h 20m
Plane: B-6526 Airbus A330-200
218 seats
4 First
24 Business
48 Eco+
142 Eco

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