China Eastern Airlines MU2734 from Qingdao (TAO) to Xi'an (XIY)

Last Flight
Status: Landed
 Actual: 16:55 CST
5 min delayed

22. Jan 08:55 UTC
4 months ago
 Scheduled: 16:50 CST
22. Jan 08:50 UTC
4 months ago
 Actual: 22. Jan 18:47 local
22 min early
 Scheduled: 19:10 CST
22. Jan 11:10 UTC
4 months ago
Route: 1,073km (666mi.)
2h 20m
Plane: B-6372 Airbus A320
158 seats
8 Business
150 Eco
Airline:   China Eastern Airlines
From:   Qingdao (TAO)
To:   Xi'an (XIY)
Frequency: Daily
Days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Distance: 1,073km (666mi)
Duration: 2h 19m
Avg 460km/h (285mph)
Plane: Airbus A320
past month
14% of flights
102 min average