Air China CA5203 from Chengdu (CTU) to Chengdu (CTU)


Flight CA5203 is a Air China flight from Chengdu, China to Chengdu, China  .

Air China offers an irregular or new service on the route. The most recent flight has landed 1 year ago.

The flight route has a distance of 0km (0mi) and an average flight time of 0h 43m , resulting in an average speed of 0km/h (0mph).

Airline:   Air China
From:   Chengdu (CTU)
To:   Chengdu (CTU)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Distance: 0km (0mi)
Duration: 0h 43m
Avg 0km/h (0mph)
Plane: Boeing B737-700
past month
No delays observed
Last Flight
Status: Landed
 Actual: 17:12 CST
on time

14. Mar 09:12 UTC
1 year ago
 Scheduled: 17:12 CST
14. Mar 09:12 UTC
1 year ago
 Actual: 14. Mar 19:30 local
 Scheduled: 19:30 CST
14. Mar 11:30 UTC
1 year ago
Route: 0km (0mi.)
2h 18m
Plane: B-5203 Boeing B737-700
128 seats
8 Business
120 Eco

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