Air China CA4051 from Luzhou to Yinchuan


CA4051 is a Air China flight from Luzhou to Yinchuan . The flight is operated on a daily basis using Boeing B737-800 planes.

Airline: Air China
From: Luzhou (LZO / ZULZ)
To: Yinchuan (INC / ZLIC)
Frequency: Daily
Days:  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat  Sun
Distance: 1058 km (653 mi.)
Duration: 2h 0m
Avg 502km/h (310mph)
Plane Type: Boeing B737-800
On time: 90% of flights
Average Delay: 70 minutes
Last Flight
Date: 20. Jan 2019
Status: Landed
From: Luzhou (LZO / ZULZ)
16:00 CST
20. Jan 08:00 UTC
To: Yinchuan (INC / ZLIC)
18:10 CST
20. Jan 10:10 UTC
Departed: 16:01 CST
on time
Arrival: 17:42 CST
-27 min
Plane: B-5496 Boeing B737-800

Airport Information

Departure Airport
Name: Luzhou Lantian Airport
Identifier:  LZO/ZULZ
Serves:  Luzhou , Sichuan , China
Local Time:  18. Sep 14:57 CST
Arrival Airport
Name: Yinchuan Hedong International Airport
Identifier:  INC/ZLIC
Serves:  Yinchuan , Ningxia
Local Time:  18. Sep 14:57 CST

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