Jet Airways 9W118 from Mumbai (BOM) to London (LHR)


Flight 9W118 is a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai, India to London, United Kingdom  .

Jet Airways offers a daily service on this route. The most recent flight has landed 3 months ago.

The flight route has a distance of 7,221km (4,485mi) and an average flight time of 9h 38m , resulting in an average speed of 749km/h (465mph).

Airline:   Jet Airways
From:   Mumbai (BOM)
To:   London (LHR)
Frequency: Daily
Days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Distance: 7,221km (4,485mi)
Duration: 9h 38m
Avg 749km/h (465mph)
Plane: Mixed (A320 Neo , B777-300)
past month
8% of flights
41 min average
Last Flight
Status: Landed
 Actual: 12:50 IST
on time

26. Apr 07:20 UTC
4 months ago
 Scheduled: 12:50 IST
26. Apr 07:20 UTC
4 months ago
 Actual: 26. Apr 17:55 local
 Scheduled: 17:55 BST
26. Apr 16:55 UTC
3 months ago
Route: 7,221km (4,485mi.)
9h 35m