Dynamic Airways 2D9005 from Montego Bay to Miami


2D9005 is a Dynamic Airways flight from Montego Bay to Miami .

Airline: Dynamic Airways
From: Montego Bay (MBJ / MKJS)
To: Miami (MIA / KMIA)
Frequency: Irregular/New
Distance: 847 km (523 mi.)
Duration: 1h 0m
Avg 669km/h (413mph)
Plane Type: Boeing B767-200
On time: 100%
Last Flight
Date: 07. Jun 2018
Status: Landed
16:09 EST
07. Jun 21:09 UTC
 Departed: 16:09 EST
1 year ago

on time
 Arrived: 18:22 EDT
1 year ago

-2 min
Plane: N770JM Boeing B767-200
36 Business 162 Economy
Aircraft Picture
Image Copyright © Wong Chi Lam

Airport Information

Departure Airport
Name: Montego Bay Sangster International Airport
Identifier:  MBJ/MKJS
Serves:  Montego Bay , Jamaica
Local Time:  15. Sep 02:33 EST
Arrival Airport
Name: Miami International Airport
Identifier:  MIA/KMIA
Serves:  Greater Miami
Local Time:  15. Sep 03:33 EDT

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