Sibu Airport

Name: Sibu Airport
Identifier:  SBW/WBGS
Serves:  Bintangor , Sarikei , Kapit , and Sibu , Sarawak, East Malaysia
Owner:  Government of Malaysia
Operator:  Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Public/Private:  Public
Local Time:  17. Sep 16:27 UTC+08
Description: Sibu Airport is an airport located 23 km east south east of Sibu, a town in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. In 2018, the airport handled 1,579,528 passengers on 20,869 flights and also handled 1,443 metric tonnes of cargo. The airport is the 11th busiest airport in Malaysia, and the 3rd busiest in Sarawak in terms of passengers handled.
Source: Wikipedia
Identifier Length (m/ft) Surface
13/31 2,745/9,006 Asphalt
Flights per Day:
28 flights
Distance: 736km (457mi)
Flights delayed:
89% (3 flights per day delayed)
Delay Average: 2 minutes
Current Weather
 34 C (Humidity: 46%)
  5kt (9km/h / 5mph) from 280°
  Few clouds at 1,800 feet (548 meter)
  Scattered clouds at 15,000 feet (4,572 meter)
  3km (1 mi.)
 METAR WBGS 170800Z 28005KT 230V340 3000 FEW018 SCT150 34/21 Q1007

Current Flights

Number Departure To Airline
On time AK6461 17:50  Kuching  AirAsia
On time MH2717 18:50  Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia Airlines
On time AK5871 19:30  Kuala Lumpur  AirAsia
On time AK6093 20:25  Kota Kinabalu  AirAsia
On time AK5875 21:15 +0  Kuala Lumpur  AirAsia
Delayed AK6467 21:20 +47  Kuching  AirAsia
Number Arrival From Airline
Landed MH2712 10:25 +4  Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia Airlines
Landed AK6464 10:15 +2  Kuching  AirAsia
Landed AK5035 11:25  Johor Bahru  AirAsia
Landed AK5882 11:50 +6  Kuala Lumpur  AirAsia
Landed AK6468 12:15  Kuching  AirAsia
Landed AK5037 15:35 +3  Johor Bahru  AirAsia
Live MH2718 18:05  Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia Airlines
On time AK6460 17:25  Kuching  AirAsia
On time AK5870 19:05  Kuala Lumpur  AirAsia
On time AK6092 20:00  Kota Kinabalu  AirAsia

Current Delays



Top Destinations
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Kuala Lumpur (KUL) 100 10,790 14 1541
  Kuching (KCH) 74 12,390 10 1770
  Kota Kinabalu (BKI) 27 4,830 3 690
  Johor Bahru (JHB) 20 3,612 2 516

Airlines & Planes

Top Airlines
Airline Flights
per Day
per Day
  AirAsia 28 3,917
  Malaysia Airlines 3 600
Top Plane Types
Model Flights Seats
Airbus A320 23.2/day 3,762/day 3762
Airbus A320 Neo 4.9/day 155/day 155
Boeing B737-800 3.7/day 600/day 600.5333333333333