Name: Okadama
Identifier:  OKD/RJCO
Serves:  Sapporo
Operator:  Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Public/Private:  Public / Dual-use
Local Time:  21. Sep 17:47 JST
Description: Sapporo Okadama Airport is an airport located in Okadama-chō, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 4 NM north of the city center of Sapporo. Its scheduled airline service is limited to turboprop flights to other cities in Hokkaidō: larger aircraft use New Chitose Airport, 45 km south of the city. The airport is also used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces and by corporate and general aviation operators: an adjacent facility houses the air traffic control center for Hokkaido and the Tohoku region. The airport houses the headquarters of Hokkaido Air System.
Source: Wikipedia

Identifier Length (m/ft) Surface
14/32 1,500/4,921 Asphalt
Flights per Day:
21 flights
Distance: 350km (217mi)
Flights delayed:
98% (0 flights per day delayed)
Delay Average: 7 minutes
Current Weather
 18 C (Humidity: 55%)
  12kt (22km/h / 13mph) from 150°
  Few clouds at 3,000 feet (914 meter)
  Scattered clouds at 23,000 feet (7,010 meter)
  9km (6 mi.)
 METAR RJCO 210800Z 15012KT 9999 FEW030 SCT230 18/09 Q1021

Current Flights

Number Departure To Airline
On time JL2755 17:30  Hakodate  Japan Airlines
Number Arrival From Airline
Landed JH171 11:20  Shizuoka  FDA - Fuji Dream Airlines
Landed JL2742 10:25  Hakodate  Japan Airlines
Landed JL2880 10:40  Rishiri  Japan Airlines
Landed JH173 13:45  Shizuoka  FDA - Fuji Dream Airlines
Landed JL2746 14:15  Hakodate  Japan Airlines
Landed JL2748 15:55  Hakodate  Japan Airlines
Landed JL2884 16:30  Rishiri  Japan Airlines
Landed JL2864 16:55  Kushiro  Japan Airlines
On time JL2752 18:15  Hakodate  Japan Airlines
On time JL2754 19:20  Hakodate  Japan Airlines

Current Delays



Top Destinations
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Hakodate (HKD) 61 - 8 0
  Kushiro (KUH) 36 - 5 0
  Shizuoka (FSZ) 14 758 2 108
  Rishiri (RIS) 12 - 1 0
  Misawa (MSJ) 10 - 1 0
  Matsumoto (MMJ) 1 56 0 8

Airlines & Planes

Top Airlines
Airline Flights
per Day
per Day
  Hokkaido Air System 17 -
  FDA - Fuji Dream Airlines 2 116
Top Plane Types
Model Flights Seats
Saab 340 17.4/day - 0
Embraer E175 1.3/day 72/day 72.8
Embraer E175 0.4/day 33/day 33.6
Embraer E170 0.1/day 10/day 10.133333333333333