Pontianak Supadio Airport

Name: Pontianak Supadio Airport
Identifier:  PNK/WIOO
Serves:  Pontianak
Owner:  Government of Indonesia
Operator:  PT Angkasa Pura II
Public/Private:  Public / Military
Local Time:  16. Sep 21:11 WIB
Description: Supadio International Airport, formerly known as Sei Durian Airport or Sungai Durian Airport, is an international airport located 17 km from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The airport is managed by PT. Angkasa Pura II, and takes up 528 ha. The airport serves as the main point of entry to West Kalimantan. The airport serves domestic flights to and from several cities and towns in Indonesia and some limited flights to Kuching and Kuala Lumpur in the neighboring Malaysia. The name of the airport is derived from the Lieutenant Colonel Supadio, an Indonesian Air Force officer who served Pangkowilud II Banjarmasin, which oversees the Sungai Durian Airbase. Lieutenant Colonel Supadio died in an airplane crash with Colonel Nurtanio in Bandung in 1966. The airport area and runway is also shared with the Supadio Airbase a Type B airbase of the TNI-AU. It served as the homebase of the Skuadron Udara 1 of the Indonesian Air Force, which consists of a fleet of 18 Hawk 109/209. The airport previously suffered from overcapacity. A major renovation between 2014 and 2017 dramatically increased the airport's capacity, which involves the building of a larger and more spacious terminal. After the renovation, the airport now have four jet bridge and are able to accommodate 3.8 million passengers annually. The renovation includes the widening and extension of the runway to 2,500-meter, building a new and higher Air traffic control tower and widening the airport's apron to accommodate more and larger aircraft.
Source: Wikipedia

Identifier Length (m/ft) Surface
15/33 2,500/8,202 Asphalt
Flights per Day:
82 flights
Distance: 615km (382mi)
Flights delayed:
70% (24 flights per day delayed)
Delay Average: 0 minutes
Current Weather
 23 C (Humidity: 94%)
  0kt (0km/h / 0mph) from 0°
  Scattered clouds at 1,100 feet (335 meter)
  2km (1 mi.)
No significant changes expected

 METAR WIOO 151630Z 00000KT 2000 FU SCT011 23/22 Q1010 NOSIG

Current Flights

Number Departure To Airline
Delayed QG411 19:50 +117  Jakarta  Citilink
On time QG417 09:30  Surabaya  Citilink
Number Arrival From Airline
Landed IN155 07:40 +517  Ketapang Nam Air
Landed JT817 09:10 +426  Makassar  Lion Air
Landed IW1441 08:15 +481  Ketapang Wings Air
Landed QG410 09:00 +437  Jakarta  Citilink
Landed IN202 08:45 +451  Ketapang Nam Air
Landed IW1734 10:20 +23  Bandung Wings Air
Landed IW1371 09:00  Sintang Wings Air
Landed GA502 10:05 +41  Jakarta  Garuda Indonesia
Landed IN136 10:50 +386  Banjarmasin Nam Air
Landed AK478 10:50  Kuala Lumpur  AirAsia

Current Delays



Top Destinations
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Jakarta (CGK) 184 30,484 26 4354
  Ketapang (KTG) 87 5,157 12 736
  Batam (BTH) 42 7,331 6 1047
  Surabaya (SUB) 28 4,780 4 682
  Putussibau (PSU) 26 1,596 3 228
  Sintang (SQG) 25 1,545 3 220
  Kuching (KCH) 24 3,091 3 441
  Yogyakarta (JOG) 16 1,337 2 191
  Makassar (UPG) 14 2,249 2 321
  Semarang (SRG) 14 2,205 2 315
  Kuala Lumpur (KUL) 14 2,108 2 301

Airlines & Planes

Top Airlines
Airline Flights
per Day
per Day
  Lion Air 24 4,266
Wings Air 13 936
  Garuda Indonesia 8 1,287
Nam Air 7 488
  Citilink 5 942
  AirAsia 4 637
  Sriwijaya Air 2 397
  NAM Air 2 148
  Trigana Air Service 0 -
  Malindo Air 0 -
Top Plane Types
Model Flights Seats
Boeing B737-800 34.5/day 5,821/day 5821.5
ATR 76-600 23.8/day 1,317/day 1317.3333333333333
Airbus A320 8.5/day 1,482/day 1482
Boeing B737-500 2.7/day 325/day 325.4
Airbus A320 Neo 1.1/day 97/day 97.2
Boeing B737-300 0.6/day - 0
Boeing B737-900 0.5/day 113/day 113.6