Palu Mutiara Airport

Name: Palu Mutiara Airport
Identifier:  PLW/WAML
Serves:  Palu
Owner:  Government of Indonesia
Operator:  Ministry of Transportation
Public/Private:  Public
Local Time:  16. Sep 22:37 WITA
Description: Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport, formerly Masovu Airport, is an airport near Palu, the capital city of the province of Central Sulawesi on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. As the largest airport in Central Sulawesi, Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport serves as the main port of entry to the city of Palu as well as the surrounding area. The name airport can be separated into two part, "Mutiara" and "SIS Al-Jufrie". "Mutiara" means pearl in Indonesian, while "SIS Al-Jufrie" is an abbreviation of Sayyid Idrus bin Salim Al-Jufri, an Arab-Indonesian religious figure and an Indonesian National Hero from Central Sulawesi. He was a propagator of Islam in Central Sulawesi until his death in Palu in 1969. SIS Aljufri is also a religious figure and founder of the religious organization Alkhairaat that grew and developed rapidly in eastern Indonesia.
Source: Wikipedia
Identifier Length (m/ft) Surface
15/33 2,500/8,489 Asphalt
Flights per Day:
33 flights
Distance: 601km (373mi)
Flights delayed:
88% (4 flights per day delayed)
Delay Average: 1 minutes

Current Flights

Number Departure To Airline
On time ID6561 07:00  Jakarta  Batik Air
Number Arrival From Airline
Landed IW1334 10:15  Morowali Wings Air
Landed JT1708 10:55  Makassar  Lion Air
Landed ID6232 10:55  Makassar  Batik Air
Landed IW1155 11:20  Tolitoli Wings Air
Landed JT852 14:15 +12  Makassar  Lion Air
Landed GA608 15:15  Makassar  Garuda Indonesia
Landed IW1159 14:55  Buol Wings Air
Landed IW1157 16:25  Luwuk Wings Air
Landed IW1193 16:45  Luwuk Wings Air
Landed ID6230 17:10  Makassar  Batik Air

Current Delays



Top Destinations
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Makassar (UPG) 69 11,365 9 1623
  Jakarta (CGK) 46 7,085 6 1012
  Luwuk (LUW) 28 1,545 4 220
  Balikpapan (BPN) 21 3,115 3 445
  Gorontalo (GTO) 13 789 1 112
  Buol (UOL) 13 789 1 112
  Tolitoli (TLI) 13 772 1 110
  Morowali (MOH) 7 459 1 65
  Surabaya (SUB) 6 928 0 132

Airlines & Planes

Top Airlines
Airline Flights
per Day
per Day
Wings Air 10 622
  Lion Air 9 1,741
  Batik Air 5 780
  Garuda Indonesia 3 572
  Sriwijaya Air 0 119
  Malindo Air 0 -
  TransNusa 0 -
Top Plane Types
Model Flights Seats
ATR 76-600 11.1/day 626/day 626.2666666666667
Boeing B737-800 9.7/day 1,463/day 1463.3
Airbus A320 5.9/day 780/day 780
Boeing B737-900 4.7/day 965/day 965.6
ATR 76-500 0.1/day 0/day 0.8