Gwangju Airport

Name: Gwangju Airport
Identifier:  KWJ/RKJJ
Operator:  Korea Airports Corporation, Republic of Korea Airforce
Public/Private:  Military/Public
Local Time:  17. Sep 07:09 KST
Description: Gwangju Airport is an airport in the city of Gwangju, South Korea and is managed by the Korea Airports Corporation. In 2018, 1,986,125 passengers used the airport. This airport is planned to close when Muan International Airport becomes more established.
Source: Wikipedia
Identifier Length (m/ft) Surface
04R/22L 2,835/9,300 Concrete
04L/22R 2,835/9,300 Concrete
Flights per Day:
32 flights
Distance: 196km (121mi)
Flights delayed:
89% (3 flights per day delayed)
Delay Average: 0 minutes

Current Flights

Number Departure To Airline
On time KE1901 10:10  Jeju Korean Air Lines
On time KE1903 13:25  Jeju Korean Air Lines
On time KE1905 16:45  Jeju Korean Air Lines
On time KE1907 19:25  Jeju Korean Air Lines
Number Arrival From Airline
Landed LJ592 10:20  Jeju Jin Air
Landed OZ8703 10:30  Seoul Asiana Airlines
Landed TW904 11:40  Jeju T'Way Air
Landed OZ8142 12:05  Jeju Asiana Airlines
Landed KE1904 12:50  Jeju Korean Air Lines
Landed OZ8144 14:05  Jeju Asiana Airlines
Landed TW906 15:55  Jeju T'Way Air
Landed KE1906 16:10  Jeju Korean Air Lines
Landed OZ8707 16:50  Seoul Asiana Airlines
Landed OZ8146 17:25  Jeju Asiana Airlines

Current Delays



Top Destinations
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Jeju (CJU) 209 31,030 29 4432
  Seoul (GMP) 29 4,364 4 623

Airlines & Planes

Top Airlines
Airline Flights
per Day
per Day
Asiana Airlines 13 2,123
Korean Air Lines 8 1,154
T'Way Air 5 845
Jeju Air 3 377
Jin Air 3 555
Top Plane Types
Model Flights Seats
Boeing B737-800 15.2/day 2,275/day 2275
Airbus A320 7.3/day 1,048/day 1048.6666666666667
Airbus A321 5.7/day 1,013/day 1013.3666666666667
Boeing B737-900 3.6/day 657/day 657.9666666666667
Bombardier CS300 1.5/day 25/day 25.4
Boeing B767-300 0.1/day 36/day 36