White - Airbus A320

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
17,298 flights
Average Distance: 947km (587mi)
Distance Flown
546,277km (338,692mi) per day
16,388,333km (10,160,766mi) per month
Plane Information
14 Total
1 currently flying
Average Age: 9 years
Newest: 3 years
Oldest: 24 years

List of all Airbus A320s at White

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: CS-TRO Airline: White Model: Airbus
Seats: 180 Eco Age:  24.53 years Last Flight:  1 week ago S4116 from  Santa Maria [SMA] to   Lisbon [LIS] 781569.18539438 8808 180