Tigerair Australia (TT/TGG)

Tiger Airways Australia Pty Ltd, operating as Tigerair Australia, is an Australian low-cost airline. It commenced services in the Australian domestic airline market on 23 November 2007 as Tiger Airways Australia. As a result of numerous safety concerns, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia grounded the airline in 2011. Operations recommenced 5 weeks later, in August of the same year. The airline originally recommenced services out of a single base - Melbourne Airport. A second base was then opened in 2012 at Sydney Airport, followed by a third base in 2014 at Brisbane Airport.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Australia
Identifier: TT/TGG
Callsign: TIGGOZ
Started Operations: 2007
Website: http://tigerair.com.au
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Per Day
5 flights
Average Distance: 2,856km (1,771mi)
Plane Information
3 Total
1 currently flying
Average Age: 12 years
Newest: 10 years
Oldest: 14 years

Current Delays

0% delays
1.0666666666666667 min. average
0% delays
0.36666666666666664 min. average