Suparna Airlines - Boeing B737-700

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
4,352 flights
Average Distance: 1,024km (634mi)
Distance Flown
148,560km (92,107mi) per day
4,456,803km (2,763,218mi) per month
Plane Information
19 Total
3 currently flying
Average Age: 18 years
Newest: 5 months
Oldest: 31 years

List of all Boeing B737-700s at Suparna Airlines

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: B-2502 Airline: Suparna Airlines Model: Boeing
Seats: 8 Business 126 Eco Age:  20.44 years Last Flight:  1 day from now MU5740 from  Kunming [KMG] to   Jinghong [JHG] 1 7341 134