Safi Airways - Airbus A320

Dubai and Kabul-based Safi Airways Co. was the first and largest privately owned airline from Afghanistan. The airline had its headquarters in Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan, an administrative office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Afghanistan
Identifier: 4Q/SFW
Frequent-Flyer Program: Saffron Rewards
Founded: 2006
Ceased Operations: 2016
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
17,232 flights
Average Distance: 942km (584mi)
Distance Flown
541,294km (335,602mi) per day
16,238,844km (10,068,083mi) per month
Plane Information
4 Total
None Active

List of all Airbus A320s at Safi Airways

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: YA-TTD Airline: Safi Airways Model: Airbus
Seats: 12 Business 132 Eco Age:  20.48 years Last Flight:  N/A 999999 7457 144