Ryanair - Boeing B737-700

Ryanair DAC is an Irish low-cost airline founded in 1984, headquartered in Swords, Dublin, Ireland, with its primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted airports. It forms the largest part of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines, and has Ryanair UK, Ryanair Sun and Lauda as sister airlines. In 2016, Ryanair was the largest European budget airline by scheduled passengers flown, and carried more international passengers than any other airline.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Ireland
Identifier: FR/RYR
Callsign: RYANAIR
Founded: Nov 1984
Started Operations: Jul 1985
Website: http://www.ryanair.com
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
4,352 flights
Average Distance: 1,024km (634mi)
Distance Flown
148,560km (92,107mi) per day
4,456,803km (2,763,218mi) per month
Plane Information
519 Total
246 currently flying
Average Age: 7 years
Newest: 6 months
Oldest: 37 years

List of all Boeing B737-700s at Ryanair

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: EI-SEV Airline: Ryanair Model: Boeing
Seats: 200 First Age:  20.49 years Last Flight:  4 days ago FR99 from  East Midlands [EMA] to   Doncaster [DSA] 392873.123664047 7497 200
Reg: EI-EUX Airline: Ryanair Model: Boeing
Seats: NA Age:  NA Last Flight:  a long while ago FR2437 from  Krakow [KRK] to   London [STN] 9223372036.854776 106751 -100