Raya Airways (TH/RMY)

Raya Airways Sdn Bhd is a cargo airline with its head office in the Raya Airways Centre in the Cargo Complex of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Malaysia
Identifier: TH/RMY
Founded: 1993
Website: http://rayaairways.com
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Per Day
2 flights
Average Distance: 1,936km (1,200mi)
Plane Information
3 Total
None Active
Average Age: 28 years
Newest: 21 years
Oldest: 34 years

Flight Profile

Top Routes
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Kuala Lumpur (SZB) <1 - 0 0
  Jakarta (CGK) <1 - 0 0
  Hong Kong (HKG) <1 - 0 0
Most frequented Countries
Country Flights
per week
per week
  Malaysia <1 - 0 0
  Indonesia <1 - 0 0
  Hong Kong <1 - 0 0
Models Flown


List of all Planes flown by Raya Airways

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Aircraft Picture
© Wong Chi Lam
Reg: 9M-RYA Airline: Raya Airways Model: Boeing
Seats: NA Age:  30.68 years Last Flight:  a long while ago OD523 from  Bangkok [DMK] to   Kuala Lumpur [KUL] 9223372036.854776 11053 -100
Aircraft Picture
© Suparat Chairatprasert
Reg: 9M-RXA Airline: Raya Airways Model: Boeing
Seats: NA Age:  34.81 years Last Flight:  Now TH1022 from  Jakarta [CGK] to   Kuala Lumpur [SZB] 0 12650 -100