Orca Air ( /ORK)

Orca Air was a regional airline based in Cairo in Egypt which also provided air taxi and charter services. It was established in February 1996 and is a member of the European Regions Airline Association. It also provides air ambulance services. Under the umbrella of the "Oyoun" Tourism Group, Orca has been completely restructured from inside out, and will shortly re-commence operations on a completely new basis, with a fleet of Saab 340 aircraft.[citation needed]
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Egypt
Identifier:  /ORK
Started Operations: 1996
Ceased Operations: 2003
Website: http://www.flyorcaair.com/
Source: Wikipedia
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1 Total
None Active

Flight Statistics

Per Day
2 flights
Average Distance: 1,144km (709mi)

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per week
  Yellowknife (YZF) <1 (0%) - 0 0
  Hay River (YHY) <1 (0%) - 0 0
  Rankin Inlet (YRT) <1 (0%) - 0 0
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  Canada <1 (0%) - 0 0
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