Mountain Air Cargo (C2/MTN)

Mountain Air Cargo is an American cargo airline based in Denver, North Carolina. It is a major contract carrier for FedEx Express, operating in the eastern United States and the Caribbean region. Previous turboprop operations in South America have been discontinued by FedEx, which now operates jet aircraft in that area. MAC is one of the largest feeder airlines in the United States. Its main maintenance facility is at Kinston Regional Jetport. All of the ATR and C208 aircraft operated by Mountain Air are owned by FedEx Express, and are operated by MAC on a "dry lease" basis.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   United States
Identifier: C2/MTN
Callsign: MOUNTAIN
Founded: 1974
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Flight Statistics

Per Day
1 flights
Average Distance: 410km (254mi)
Plane Information
18 Total
None Active

Flight Profile

Top Routes
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Lubbock (LBB) <1 - 0 0
  Fort Worth (AFW) <1 - 0 0
  Roswell (ROW) <1 - 0 0
Most frequented Countries
Country Flights
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per week
  United States <1 - 0 0
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List of all Planes flown by Mountain Air Cargo

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