Maximus Air Cargo ( /MXU)

Maximus Air, an Abu Dhabi Aviation Group company was established in 2005 to provide solutions for moving outsized cargo. After operating for 5 years in the region, it is now a regional air cargo carrier and cargo aircraft wet lease operator, employing more than 200 staff. It operates a fleet of eight all-cargo Antonov An-124-100, Ilyushin IL-76TD and Airbus A300-600RP2F aircraft across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   United Arab Emirates
Identifier:  /MXU
Callsign: CARGO MAX
Founded: 2005
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Per Day
1 flights
Average Distance: 2,785km (1,726mi)
Plane Information
1 Total
None Active
Average Age: 15 years
Newest: 15 years
Oldest: 15 years

Flight Profile

Top Routes
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Abu Dhabi (AUH) <1 - 0 0
  Al Ain (AAN) <1 - 0 0
  Sharjah (SHJ) <1 - 0 0
  Dubai (DWC) <1 - 0 0
Most frequented Countries
Country Flights
per week
per week
  United Arab Emirates <1 - 0 0
Models Flown


List of all Planes flown by Maximus Air Cargo

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: UR-ZYD Airline: Maximus Air Cargo Model: Antonov
Seats: NA Age:  15.41 years Last Flight:  2 days ago 6M3722 from  Dubai [DWC] to   Gan Island [GAN] 191671.115434622 5743 -100