Lumiwings - Boeing B737-300

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
304 flights
Average Distance: 325km (201mi)
Distance Flown
3,294km (2,042mi) per day
98,844km (61,283mi) per month
Plane Information
1 Total
1 currently flying
Average Age: 22 years
Newest: 22 years
Oldest: 22 years

List of all Boeing B737-300s at Lumiwings

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: SX-LWB Airline: Lumiwings Model: Boeing
Seats: 8 Business 118 Eco Age:  22.48 years Last Flight:  1 day ago IG124 from  Bologna [BLQ] to   Olbia [OLB] 92301.790178467 8067 -100