Kam Air - Boeing B767-300

Kam Air is an airline headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan. It operates scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Kabul International Airport serves as its main hub.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Afghanistan
Identifier: RQ/KMF
Callsign: KAMGAR
Frequent-Flyer Program: Go Orange
Founded: Aug 2003
Website: https://www.kamair.com/
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
960 flights
Average Distance: 2,500km (1,550mi)
Distance Flown
80,008km (49,605mi) per day
2,400,265km (1,488,164mi) per month
Plane Information
16 Total
3 currently flying
Average Age: 25 years
Newest: 18 years
Oldest: 36 years

List of all Boeing B767-300s at Kam Air

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: YA-KMR Airline: Kam Air Model: Boeing
Seats: 24 Business 207 Eco Age:  26.61 years Last Flight:  N/A 999999 9635 -100