Iran Air Tours (B9/IRB)

Iran Airtour is an airline based in Tehran, Iran. The airline mainly operates under the English name Iran Airtour as written in Persian. Iran Airtour was established as a subsidiary of Iran Air and operates scheduled domestic services and international services in the Middle East as well as Eastern Europe, as well as charter services. Now Iran Airtour has more than 280 flights every week.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Iran
Identifier: B9/IRB
Founded: 1973
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Per Day
3 flights
Average Distance: 980km (607mi)
Plane Information
5 Total
1 currently flying
Average Age: 26 years
Newest: 24 years
Oldest: 28 years

Current Delays

0% delays
21.633333333333333 min. average
0% delays
3.716666666666667 min. average