Indian Airlines (IC/IAC)

Indian Airlines, later Indian, was a major Indian airline based in Delhi and focused primarily on domestic routes, along with several international services to neighbouring countries in Asia. It was state-owned, after merger of eight pre-Independence domestic airlines and was administered by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Indian was formerly one of the two flag carriers of India, the other being Air India.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   India
Identifier: IC/IAC
Callsign: INDAIR
Frequent-Flyer Program: Flying Returns
Founded: 1953
Started Operations: Aug 1953
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Flight Statistics

Per Day
3 flights
Average Distance: 620km (384mi)
Plane Information
1 Total
None Active
Average Age: 11 years
Newest: 11 years
Oldest: 11 years

Flight Profile

Top Routes
Airport Flights
per week
per week
  Mumbai (BOM) <1 56 0 8
  Raipur (RPR) <1 28 0 4
  Delhi (DEL) <1 28 0 4
  Goa (GOI) <1 28 0 4
Most frequented Countries
Country Flights
per week
per week
  India <1 224 0 32
Models Flown

1 Planes

List of all Planes flown by Indian Airlines

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: VT-SCG Airline: Indian Airlines Model: Airbus
Seats: 8 Business 114 Eco Age:  11.32 years Last Flight:  23 hours from now AI54 from  Mumbai [BOM] to   Cochin [COK] 1 4283 122