Aurigny Air Services - ATR 76-500

Aurigny Air Services Limited, commonly known as Aurigny, is the flag carrier airline of the Bailiwick of Guernsey with its head office next to Guernsey Airport in the Channel Islands, and wholly owned by the States of Guernsey since nationalisation in 2003. It operates passenger and freight services between the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom. Its main base is Guernsey Airport, with other aircraft and crew based at Alderney Airport. Aurigny is one of the longest serving regional airlines in the world, and is the oldest established airlines in Britain after Loganair. The origin of its name lies in the cognate across Norman languages for Alderney.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   United Kingdom
Identifier: GR/AUR
Callsign: AYLINE
Frequent-Flyer Program: FrequentFlyer
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Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
712 flights
Average Distance: 206km (128mi)
Distance Flown
4,908km (3,043mi) per day
147,249km (91,294mi) per month
Plane Information
10 Total
1 currently flying
Average Age: 11 years
Newest: 5 years
Oldest: 19 years

List of all ATR 76-500s at Aurigny Air Services

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: G-VZON Airline: Aurigny Air Services Model: ATR
Seats: 72 Eco Age:  11.27 years Last Flight:  2 days ago GR602 from  Guernsey [GCI] to   London [LGW] 218884.602099361 4139 72
Reg: G-LERE Airline: Aurigny Air Services Model: ATR
Seats: 68 Eco Age:  9.26 years Last Flight:  Now GR79 from  Manchester [MAN] to   Guernsey [GCI] 0 3501 68
Reg: G-COBO Airline: Aurigny Air Services Model: ATR
Seats: 72 Eco Age:  11.28 years Last Flight:  3 hours ago GR609 from  London [LGW] to   Guernsey [GCI] 11584.602458308 4145 72