Arkia - Israeli Airlines - Airbus A321

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
5,936 flights
Average Distance: 1,244km (771mi)
Distance Flown
246,300km (152,706mi) per day
7,389,003km (4,581,182mi) per month
Plane Information
12 Total
None Active
Average Age: 7 years
Newest: 3 months
Oldest: 19 years

List of all Airbus A321s at Arkia - Israeli Airlines

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: 4X-AGH Airline: Arkia - Israeli Airlines Model: Airbus
Seats: 220 Eco Age:  0.10 years Last Flight:  20 hr ago IZ814 from  Eilat [ETM] to   Tel Aviv [TLV] 72174.342376629 324 -100