Air China - Airbus A321 Neo

Air China Limited is the flag carrier and one of the major airlines of the People's Republic of China, with its headquarters in Shunyi District, Beijing. Air China's flight operations are based at Beijing Capital International Airport. In 2017, the airline carried 102 million domestic and international passengers with an average load factor of 81%.
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   China
Identifier: CA/CCA
Callsign: AIR CHINA
Alliance: Star Alliance
Frequent-Flyer Program: PhoenixMiles
Founded: 1988
Started Operations: Jul 1988
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
254 flights
Average Distance: 1,714km (1,062mi)
Distance Flown
14,514km (8,998mi) per day
435,434km (269,969mi) per month
Plane Information
502 Total
207 currently flying
Average Age: 7 years
Newest: 1 months
Oldest: 33 years

List of all Airbus A321 Neos at Air China

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: B-301E Airline: Air China Model: Airbus
Seats: 12 Business 173 Eco Age:  0.9 years Last Flight:  4 hours ago CA1531 from  Beijing [PEK] to   Shanghai [SHA] 16370.194378302 285 -100
Reg: B-305F Airline: Air China Model: Airbus
Seats: NA Age:  0.6 years Last Flight:  Now CA1336 from  Nanning [NNG] to   Beijing [PEK] 0 197 -100
Reg: B-305H Airline: Air China Model: Airbus
Seats: NA Age:  0.4 years Last Flight:  Now CA4308 from  Guangzhou [CAN] to   Chengdu [CTU] 0 145 -100