Air Bishkek - Airbus A320

Air Bishkek was an airline based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, with its operational base at Manas International Airport. It was founded as Eastok Avia(E4/EAA) in 2006 and renamed to Kyrgyz Airways.[4] In 2011 the airline was again rebranded into Air Bishkek.[5] [6] Due to alleged poor safety standards in Kyrgyzstan, the airline has been included in the List of air carriers banned in the European Union since 12 October 2006.[7][8] The airline stopped operating in February 2016 after experiencing financial difficulties.[4] As of June 2016, Air Operator Certificate has been suspended.[9]
Source: Wikipedia
Country:   Kyrgyzstan
Identifier: KR/EAA
Callsign: EASTOK
Founded: 2006
Ceased Operations: 2016
Source: Wikipedia

Flight Statistics

Flights per Month
17,232 flights
Average Distance: 942km (584mi)
Distance Flown
541,294km (335,602mi) per day
16,238,844km (10,068,083mi) per month
Plane Information
3 Total
None Active

List of all Airbus A320s at Air Bishkek

Reg Airline Model Seats Age Last Flight
Reg: EX-32002 Airline: Air Bishkek Model: Airbus
Seats: NA Age:  26.65 years Last Flight:  N/A 999999 9776 -100
Reg: EX-32003 Airline: Air Bishkek Model: Airbus
Seats: NA Age:  27.63 years Last Flight:  N/A 999999 10017 -100