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Broken Hill Airport


62 Flights per day


D0 / DHK

United Kingdom

  • #1 Destination: Leipzig
  • 44 Flights/day


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About Us

What is Flightera?

Flightera.net is a young project that collects flight data and tracking information to generate statistics around aviation. Using data from different sources, we try to provide information not available on other sites.
We only started the site in 2017 so many features are still in a very early stage and the dataset is constantly expanding.

Where does the Data come from?

The site uses a variety of freely available data to generate the information. Those include airlines, airports and tracking data from planes. We are always looking for additional information so please get in touch if you'd like to provide your data.

I found a mistake

Our data is far from perfect. Please use our contact form if you find data errors and we'll correct them as soon as possible.

Any Questions?

Get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or feature requests.